The system to help you maintain the security of your sites ...

........ "mag-touch"

Are you sure that your guards have done their guarding rounds as they are required to do?

A"mag-touch" guard monitoring system gives you the assurance, that all controlpoints of your sites are being visited by your security personnel in regular intervals or at the prescribed times.
Patrol data, which cannot be influenced by your operators, is stored securely in the internal memory of the patrol baton. After the data is down-loaded to a PC, reports may be generated, which show the patrols in easily interpretable format.

Guard Monitoring systems in a nutshell

  • more than 30,000 Systems have been installed since 1994!
  • "try-before-you-buy" to eliminate risk
  • robust and practically indestructible
  • Stainless steel casing hermetically sealed
  • Rated as "Intrinsically safe class 'i' " according to IEC60079-0:2000 and IEC6079-11:1999.
  • extremely low purchase price and economical service and repair costs after expiration of product warranty
  • easy, userfriendly reporting software

The new "mag-cell" ON-LINE system!

  • The "mag-touch" baton never leaves the site
  • Wireless data transfer via GSM/GPRS
  • The patrol data is accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Automatic patrol reports via email
  • Alarms and alerts via SMS

To see how it works, click here:

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