The "magtouch" Starter Kit for your first site

The "mag-touch" starter kit contains everythig you need to equip your first site with a guard monitoring system. It consists of the patrol baton with its pouch, the download station to transfer the patrol clockings from the baton to the PC, the reporting software, as well as 10 ID points with their nylon holders. Additionally required ID points can be supplied individually.
Normally one would require a starter kit for the first site. For any additional sites only another patrol baton and the required number of ID points would need to be purchased, since the download station is already part of the starter kit. .
The installation of the reporting software and the capture of the various ID points is extremely easy. Should you however need telephonic support for this operation, this will be provided free of charge.

€ 260,00/Set

Der Patrol Baton, the heart of the "mag-touch" system

Ruggedness and reliability were the prime considerations in the development of the
patrol batons. The achievement of these goals is evident in now over
30,000 guarding sites equipped with the system on the African continent.
The electronic internals of the baton are housed in a hermetically sealed, stainless steel casing, and are therefore not accessible to the operator.

The patrol clockings, which cannot be influence by the guards, are stored securely in the internal memory of the baton. The baton can store up to 4000 clockings. This guarantees a period of some 3 weeks of normal use, even if the data is not regularly downloaded to the PC. Under normal use the battery life is some 3 - 4 years.

€ 155,00/each

USB Data Download Unit

The download unit to transfer the clocked data from the patrol baton to the PC is part of the starter kit. The required drivers are automatically installed during the software setup. After the unit is connected to a USB-port on the PC, the software will pick up and initialise the unit.
As soon as the patrol baton is placed onto the contact pins of the download unit, the software transfers the clocked patrol data from the baton memory to the PC and clears the memory of the baton. The unit receives the power from the USB-port, therefore no external power supply is required.

Durable tamperproof ID Buttons

Touch Memory "iButtons" are used and mounted at the various locations which have to be visited by the security guards. They contain a globally unique serial number which cannot be duplicated, thus making them ideal for security applications. They are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel, which makes them ideal for use in outdoor applications, or otherwise corrosive environments.
Although due to their construction the buttons are quite robust, they can - if required - be mounted in impact resistant nylon holders to give them extra protection.
If an ID button which is fitted on the guards ID card and clocked at the beginning of every patrol round, the report generated by the PC can be related to the guards doing the patrol.
Besides guard monitoring,
"iButtons" with "mag-touch" patrol batons are being used in service and maintenance planning and access control applications, as well as in basic TA-systems, e.g. to record the presence of construction workers on remote construction sites.
€ 1,40/each incl. nylon holder

Userfriendly Software

The "mag-touch" software for the data transfer and reporting has been designed with absolute userfriendliness in mind. Experience has shown, that, even without any computer experience, our clients can operate the program efficiently within a few minutes. The software is also part of the Starter-Kit

Easy and quick Maintenance

Experience gained in the operation of the patrol batons since 1994 has been incorporated in design upgrades, which resulted in ever increasing reliability and ease of maintenance repairs. All internal wiring has been eliminated and the battery, which has an average lifetime of some 3 - 4 years under normal use, is the only component which is subject to a regular routine maintenance.
This simplification of the design enables the maintenance of the units - if desired - to be done by the clients with basic instruction supplied by us. The return of the patrol baton to our workshop for maintenance could thereby be avoided.
Due to the modularised construction of the baton, maintenance repairs in our workshop can be carried out within a short time, since instead of a major repair operation, only the electronic subassemblies might be swopped out quickly and efficiently.

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