(You need "Adobe Reader" to view pdf-files. If it is not installed on your PC, you can download a free copy here)

Tabular List Report

This listing of the various clocked ID points shows the guard's tour in chronological order of the locations being visited with dates, times and location names. If a "patrol separator" for a particular location was specified in the report settings, a horizontal line is inserted every time the relevant ID point is shown on the report. This facilitates the readability and interpretation of the report since the individual patrol rounds are clearly identifiable.
Furthermore, the reports may be sorted according to ID points, as well as generated for individual locations only. At the end of the report listing a "frequency table" can be added, which shows the number of times each location was visited in the period selected.

Overview Report

This is probably the most used and useful report within the reporting software.
All clockings appear clearly on one page in hourly columns on a green background and
hourly periods which do not contain any clockings appearing in white.
Alternative selections of showing the clockings in a dayshift (0 to 24 hours) or night shift
(12 to 12 hours) format facilitate the interpretation of the patrol data.


Installing the Software

The installation of the software at the PC is mostly automatic. The CD with the software is "autorun", i.e. it will start automatically as soon as it is inserted in the CD drive of the PC.
After entering a couple of parameters, e.g. acceptance of the user license and defining the location directory, it will install within a few minutes on the harddrive of the PC.
The free "multi-user" license means, that the program may be installed on as many computers as one wants, without any additional license fees becoming payable.
Should the program CD be damaged or lost, the software may be downloaded from our website free of charge. (see below).

Short Operating Instructions

Experience has shown that the software can be used effortlessly without operating manual.
The userfriendly setup of the menues enable even personnel without any previous experience to use the "mag-touch" system and produce, print and mail reports within a short time.
The generated reports are either in ASCII or PDF format and can as such easily be sent via eMail.


Software download

The complete software package can be downloaded via the link on the left.
Even if you have not yet decided on the installation of a "mag-touch" system, it will give you an insight into the userfriendly operating interface.

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